Are you tired of eating kebab all the time? A kebab is very cheap and easy to find: it is grilled meat with spices, so you will hardly eat a bad one (if you have only tried a Doner Kebab so far.. welcome to the real thing!). Unfortunately your enthusiasm will soon fade away as you realize that you can’t eat kebab all your holiday long. Fear you not! Persian cuisine is one of the richest in flavors in the whole world! So why don’t you leave your comfort zone and order something new or ask the waiter to suggest a new dish? There are lots of alternatives: have a look below at my list of the best food in Iran!

Fessenjan sauce

This was my favorite. The sauce is made from thickened pomegranate juice and walnuts. It is most commonly served with chicken, although some times also with meatballs.

Fesenjan - Best food in Iran


Eggplant, eggplant, eggplant! Middle East is the the perfect place to taste this fantastic vegetable in all possible variations!

Bademjan - Best food in Iran


OK, it is called Omelette but it is more like baked scrambled eggs with tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese. If you happen to walk around a university, follow some students or ask directions to a cheap eatery: take a leap of faith and fully enjoy this simple dish!

Omelette - Best food in Iran


A whole baked eggplant served with vine leave rolls and pickles. A very simple dish, but how can you resist to the softness of the eggplant seasoned with spices?

Dolmeh - Best food in Iran

Mirza Qasemi with Istak beer

This is an absolute must! Mirza Qasemi is a garlicky dish from Northern Iran made from eggplant and eggs: delicious and tasty! Just be careful when you talk to somebody after lunch… Garlic might kill them!

Istak Malt is a local non alcoholic drink that tastes similar to a beer: in fact it is just water with malt syrup but nevertheless it is quite good. It comes in additional flavors (Pineapple, Strawberry, Lemon..) although I did not like them.

Mirza Qasemi - Best food in Iran

Saffron Ice Cream

I have found this one only in Esfahan, at the Abbasi Hotel (a place I highly recommend you for dinner or a late afternoon tea in their huge garden). The taste is unique and the crushed pistachios inside make it one of my all time favorite flavors

Saffron Ice Cream - Best food in Iran


Well.. yes, I know: it does not look great. But this simple dessert made with rice flour and date syrup will refresh you during a hot afternoon in Esfahan. Look out for the stalls or shops that sell it, generally there is a long queue outside

Fereni - Best food in Iran